Friday, 17 March 2017

Wind in the Willows

Meet Mole, aka der Maulwurf.

Or at least this is his home. Despite Bear's best sniffing he cannot get Mole to come out.
You will notice this in the background of many of the photos. It is ubiquitous in this area.
I have not yet worked out the  attitude of the farmers to it. 
Georg does not like it as it interferes with the grass available. And he also mentioned something about the water table that I did not grasp. 

**On another animal note. The foxes here are not a threat to the sheep but their crows are considered dangerous threats.
Again, I am not certain if this is not related to their animal husbandry. As soon as (if not before) a sheep lambs she is taken into the barn. That is why Georg has his trailer. He will put either a ewe and her lamb or a ewe near lambing into it and bring her to the barn.
He will do this even in the summer when we are in the Schwabischen Alpen.


  1. I can sympathise with Georg regarding crows. Good idea to get newborns out of harms way. I'll send you pictures of our mole damage....they have managed to pretty much destroy a large acreage of grazing over here.

  2. Crows seem to only scavenge dead lambs here, but they leave even the smallest live newborns alone. We also do not have a problem with foxes. They will come in and grab a placenta but not a live lamb. Coyotes seem to be the biggest predator here in the NorthEastern US. Moles are very destructive.