Friday, 17 March 2017

"A Wandering We Shall Go"

The Wandering Shepherds in Germany are called that because it is a fair description. 
They are not necessarily moving from A to B in a straight line. 
During the two weeks I have been here Georg has been moving around this area (see photos below), grazing some of the many fields contained within it but not all. 

Note how the fields are defined by subtle natural boundaries and are of different sizes. And note how they are next to land that will be cropped. And those large, white birds are in fact Storks. I am sorry that I am not using a good camera. Just my phone.

This means that each night Georg
 has to set up the pen for the sheep. It is a lightweight netting that is electrified. It does not take long to put up, but it is a daily chore. I spoke earlier of the Repenning. It is part of the German herding competitions and also of the Australian and American herding C Course competition. And it is in fact an exact replica of the daily task of the return his sheep to a pen overnight.

In the video below, because of where I was standing, you do not see the dog till the end. But Georg called him up and he needed no more instruction to take up a position that, in a competition, would be technically totally correct. Georg himself did not like the mess at the end. But what the heck. 🐑🐑Lambs.🐑🐑


  1. Brilliant pics and video Alexa, thank you so much for your blog

  2. Super! So much grass this early in the year!