Friday, 17 March 2017

Out of Hibernation

Just a quick note on one of the the joys of living in rural Germany.

Because there are so many villages so close to each other and because the farms are so embedded within these villages farming action is close and personal.

The sun coming out has let loose an absolute flurry of activity by many creatures (esp birds) but the most notable creature to come out of hibernation is the TRACTOR. Tractors and their like are everywhere. On the roads and in the fields. Going for broke to achieve what they must before the weather changes. You see them and you meet them often in the villages. One was even parked in the street as I returned from my daily morning walk with Bear.
 πŸšœ 🚜 🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜 🚜🚜 🚜 🚜 🚜🚜🚜🚜

Fields are being rolled, fields are being ploughed and, the one that catches me out (at Bear's expense), they are being fertilized NATURALLY. ie the slurry of all the animals in the barns over the winter is being put to good natural, SMELLY use. It is particularly rotten soon after it is put on the fields and Georg and I have discovered that STINK is a universal word.


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  1. Love it! Does stink, hopefully it gets plowed in before the flies come out!