Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Bear and the Local Scene

The sheep coming into the barn has not completely suited Bear but it has not been all bad. 
The weather has been lovely so he has had access to the countryside and has had some lovely long walks.
As well he now has a balcony and can happily obsess over the goats and cats. He can be annoyed by the ducks and completely puzzled by the pet deer.
But being in the barn only in the mornings has meant that I have had the time in the afternoons to make it up to him by touring the local countryside.

This has been an experience of subtle enjoyment for me and some excitement for Bear as he familiarizes himself with his new environment. 

He has had his nose in holes in the ground and the other day his whole muzzle went straight down. I had visions of some nasty little burrowing creature biting half of it off and quickly called him off!

  These are the fields directly behind the barn at Moosheim and are typical of the country around here. The only thing missing are the forests that you see around Lampertsweiler. Roads like the one you see criss cross all the fields and are well frequented. You might think that the car is driving to nowhere, but up will pop a village, just like Moosheim does in the second photo.

But most of my ambulatory efforts have been from Lampertsweiler.

There are many more background sounds from the birds now. The chirping sounds of smaller birds and a few that have the look of finches are about. But some bird of prey that circles close to the ground is the one I love. Naturally, I have not had my camera when it has circled just in front of me.

And there are more people about. Usually there is just a hallo as we pass but Sunday I passed a dairy farmer as he was walking out of his barn and we started to speak. As I explained why I was here and mentioned Georg's name he lit up and explained how he had one of Georg's dogs. He then lead me into his house yard (with Bear on lead), calling out to "Lucy". I thought I was going to be introduced to his wife. It was his dog!!!! She is a sister to Zora and Zampano.
A delightful cameo. It is those things that make my day. 

YES....this is Bear standing next to the Bambino that I referred to in the blog that sung Kermit's praises.


And this is in Lampertsweiler. There is someone who obviously specializes in classic Italian cars. How's that for serendipity.

And I do like these little field barns. They are dotted every where, but especially closer to villages. They seem to stand their ground with elegant simplicity. And they are always well cared for.

And of course there is always the informative sign to keep the walk intellectually stimulating......

Lampertsweiler is on the European water line that marks the the point where on one side water flows north and the other it flows south. Just like the Rockies mark the flow of East and West in America.

I have wandered into most of the villages in the area. And most have two or three walking exits that end up leading to another village. If I choose to go through the forests I have to find someone to tell me where I am!! Its not far and I could always retrace my steps but I prefer to wander over new ground. And NO I do NOT use Google maps.

On these walks, usually 1 to 2 hours, I have Bear either on a long 5 metre lead or, when I can see for miles, he is off lead. Certainly when I am near the woods he is on lead. Not only is my vision restricted but the woods have deer, wild pig, probably foxes and many other temptations. I do not want to be doing a "Benson" as my dog takes off.... Its clear that spring is coming. He is much more alert than a couple of weeks ago. I think many of the animals are on the move after their winter break.

So, after all that wandering I am ready for an Eis in the town square
A Stork. No several Stork. There are two nests.
And that tiny speck of white in the lower nest is a Stork.
Its true that they do live on top of the churches in European towns. But is it true that they carry the babies??

I shall have to keep my eyes open as I walk............................


  1. Reading with interest from Cambodia your every move. Only a few more days before I get home and start planning my trip to see you and Bear

  2. There should be a 'like' button! These are great blogs Alexa, thanks for keeping us up to date

  3. Hi Alexa, I want you to know that I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog ... thank you for keeping us informed ... you and Bear sound like you have settled in very quickly ... by the way I love Kermit ... perfect name ... keep safe and happy. Rosie Xx 😀🐶🐑🐮

  4. Thank you for your Blog Alexa, wonderful insights into Swäbische shepherding...please keep them coming!

  5. Wonderful descriptions! Love the stork pics, there have been nests on those buildings since they were first built. So old, just unthinkable compared to North America and Australia