Monday, 20 March 2017

Shearing Again

Well, we have just had a HUGE day in the barn shearing all the sheep who were brought in from the fields yesterday.
Georg walked them in from around the other side of the hill.

All sheep will be in the barn until they are taken to the Schwabische Alb in the middle of April. They are now divided into two groups - those that have recently had lambs and those that haven't. It should be much simpler to manage as we (ie Georg) have been moving the pens round on a daily basis in the last two weeks.
Georg has two lambing seasons. Now and in Autumn. Some of the sheep will lamb twice and some will not.

Georg has a field around his barn so in the fine weather he will take his sheep out. Bear will continue to have training but it will depend on the weather. Future Posts may include the delights of the trail walks about the area as I try to compensate for the lack of activity out in the fields.

****Oh and expect a Blog on the Baths of Bad Saulgau. Yep, the Bad is actually the hot springs/mineral waters and I am going for the first, but surely not the last, time during the week.


  1. Enjoy! Will you get to help with lambing?

  2. Alexa, looks like station bred sheep when they are that size. Hard to handle but good wool producers. Looks like Bear is slowly getting into the swing of things. Great to see. Looking forward to the blog on the Baths.

  3. It felt like that snappy little video was going to be an ad. for VB or the like.
    Am so enjoying the story telling element to is saga.

  4. Have just finished catching up on 10 days of blogs. Astonished at how quiet the actual herding is. Keen to see more of Bear in action with the sheep. Please send addresses of the blogs of the villagers. Their observations of Bear, Kermit and you will be modern day sagas.