Saturday, 18 March 2017

Bear's First Report Card

Well, the first fortnight for me has been a wonderful experience.
But what has it been to Bear? The other partner in this adventure.

Well, Georg has not sacked him! So that is definitely a success!

And I have seen some wonderful behaviours that give me great hope that he may surprise me and go further than I hoped. But of course there has also been a couple of set backs (and only a couple I am pleased to say) when he has either shut down or has decided he did not have to listen to me. Of course he listens to Georg so one time I missed something and I heard the roar of NO from a great distance and guess who went quietly about his way?

It will be two weeks tomorrow since we arrived, after a very arduous journey for him. The country is even more foreign to him than it is to me. He went crazy on our first walks as the smells were so totally new and strange. And then I put him under the control of  a guy who firmly demanded high standards. But he has learned each time he has gone out, and has made Georg pleased. But as I said in my ordinary German to Georg.......if he were too easy Georg would be bored!!

And Georg is a wonderful dog handler. Just wonderful. I love watching his dogs. They are so grounded in their work. Lively and excited but without being hyper. Confident and totally responsive to the slightest indication from Georg about what he needs.

I have a million photos but they are a bit like baby photos - only a mother can tell the difference (and cares!). I do not want to turn away whoever is reading this. I would like to be interesting enough for you to continue to read on so I will only give you a taste of my many "that is Bear with the sheep" photos.

A restful Bear

Looking the part

What a Fortunate GSD

What! A picture of Bear running along some grass with some sheep. What a surprise!!!


  1. So glad to hear how well both of you are doing. In two weeks, you have spent more hours on stock than many of us spend in a year! Very envious, but cannot wait to hear more!

  2. Great pictures Alexa, thank you