Saturday, 11 March 2017

NEWSFLASH. Australian GSD gains (restricted) visa to work in Germany

For the first time an Australian GSD, Bear (Grylls) aka Followtrek USS Enterprise has been granted permission to work herding in Germany, under the supervision of Herr Georg Krieg.

Bear, this is quite an achievement. How do you feel about it. 
Naturally I am super excited. I love being with the sheep. But Herr Krieg believes I should temper this excitement and be more calm. He is very strict that I should listen to him.
And how does he convey this to you?
Well, this is hard to explain to humans. But he gives simple corrections that are well timed. And underneath his calm politeness you can sense a steely determination. It makes a dog want to work well for him.

And this does not offend you?
No, of course not. I am a GSD. I respect knowledge and authoritative leadership.

Does that mean that you would rather work for Herr Krieg than Frau McGauran.
Not necessarily. Frau McGauran can be a leader too but Herr Krieg has much, much more knowledge than she does. And to give her her due she freely admits it. That is why she brought me to Germany. 
And I admire her for it. I know that she often thinks of how many cocktails she could have on a beach in the Bahamas for the cost of bringing me here. I do not understand it of course. But then again I often do not understand what humans consider important.

Well, thank you for your time Bear and I hope we talk again.
No problem. I am happy to talk any time.


  1. Hi Alexa. Loving your blogs. The Bear gives a great interview and he sounds so thrilled to be there. I am taking the liberty of using your photo with Bear and Herr Georg as the VHA profile photo for a while. And Kermit is a definite profile photo in the future.

  2. Hi Again. Just so you know this is Sue Hughes. I did not realise it would publish with an old blog address I used to use. So this is from Sue and Bill

    1. Hi Sue Glad to hear from you. And so glad you mentioned Kermit. He is a ripper. He will get a mention and a few photos in my next blog!

  3. Excellent! Bear will calm down once he realizes he will be doing this for hours every day. He will also listen more and more. This is a problem for all of those of us who do this as a hobby. My that Kermit is green!

  4. Lovely to hear that Bear does not appear to be having any performance anxiety and is welcoming the learning.
    I thought the interviewer rather indiscreet to be looking for a betrayal of the Frau in that loaded question about who he prefers to work for.. Is the interviewer anti Aussie is my first thought?

  5. Look at Kermit!!!! He stands out a bit 🚙 🐸 Talk again soon. Pat

  6. No, the interviewer is not anti aussie! a rather charming young man I thought. But like all journalists he was after a big headline and hoped for a story of conflict. But Bear is too savvy to fall for that trick.
    I was a bit miffed at the equivocal nature of Bear's reply; "not necessarily" until I realised he was caught. He had to keep Herr Krieg happy in Germany and Frau McGauran happy for when he returns to Australia.