Thursday, 27 April 2017

We have a superb day and then......

Bear and I had our first day out in the field in the Alb. And it was a superb first day. Bear was a happy worker. He handled himself very well. And even showed that he is beginning to make a border on his own. His attitude was excellent and, although out in the field did not have the same concentrated pressure of the earlier training, the sheep quite calmly but consistently created their own pockets of pressure. And the lambs. Well the lambs!!! We leave them to Yukon and Zora.

I handled Bear while the sheep were grazing but Georg handled him while the sheep were being moved. And while he was not working Bear chilled off in his own private trailer. A doggie movie star!!! But he had water, not champagne and oops on ice!!!

The day was overcast but pleasant. But rain and snow were forecast to come overnight.

I am driving (with Bear in his trailer) Georg's van. He is moving his sheep to a good spot to spend the night in the rain and snow.

Georg has four of his dogs with him. Dana, X, Yukon and Zora (plates) (see MeisterSchafer page for list of dogs). If you look closely you can see all in the group in front of him. Yukon is the black long hair.

And snow it did........heavier than the last fall and predicted to be longer lasting. I am housebound AND short of supplies. I have plenty of liquor but not many proteins or enough chocolate. Where does that leave me????


  1. Brilliant little video Alexa .. love the accompanying sound track .. an amazing amount of snow .. plus a touch of creativity .. keep it up .. I'm enjoying your blog immensely. Rosie xx

  2. Congrats to Bear for picking things up so well. He's working his little butt off. I think without chocolate you are in dire straits. Should we send supplies???

  3. That is a lot of snow! I hope it melts quickly so yu are not without chocolate long!