Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Introducing De Crespigny

Those of you who know me well know that I am fascinated (obsessed) by stories of aircraft failures and crashes. A very foolish interest for a person who travels by air so often. 
But I love the drama and the complexity of the investigations and I admire the determination of the aviation community to find, and learn from, the causes of all aircraft faults and errors.

And without a doubt I am fascinated by air travel. Leaving the ground. Leaving the planet. (If I were younger I probably would sign up for Mars)

So, when my nephew Martin and I somehow came to the conclusion that I needed a Drone (photographic only) and that it would need flying skills I naturally referred back to a hero of mine, Qantas QF32 pilot Richard De Crespigny. 

I now introduce you to the newest member of the Bear and Alexa in Germany Blog team  

Herr De Crespigny: (aka Richie!)

This little beauty is now going to give me tons of fun and no doubt it is going to get me into lots of trouble!!!

As you will have seen from the previous blog, Martin has been out here training me. I admit there have been a few rocky moments but here are some of the results.

Drehers Erlebnishof. My Balcony is on the left behind the duck pond.

Learning the Ropes

Bear and Alexa


  1. wow!great first landing ,alexa.the drone certainly gives another wonderful perspective on your adventure.congratulations to martin,also. keep well.john

  2. Fabulous! Kermit is even more green when seen from the air!! Ha ha ha

  3. I'm loving the drone Alexa, very impressed with your landing. Keep it up, so much fun for us to see your adventures. Xx