Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Leaving is Hard to Do

I am now leaving Lampertsweiler and all the other Weilers, Bergs and Dorfs. And it would seem that I am moving to the land of the ingen.
Having visitors has got me out and about, normal things have made me seek out facilities in the town (eg hairdressers and the best Backerei) and I am now settled and very fond of my new little part of the world. I am now quite happy to speak German, although it mainly consists of apologies for not being able to speak it!! And my German has a strong visual element!!

So here is a fond Farewell, just a few random pictures that speak to my growing nostalgia.
Bad Saulgau is rightly proud of its 4 Stork nesting pairs

I still love seeing all the Feldscheune as I drive around.

Local scenery that is part of my daily life

The daily activity of a big dairy farm

The local TV did a little piece on the farm stay where I am. If you look you can see Kermit! I was there but did not realise it at the time:      Drehers Erlebnishof


  1. Alexa, love the pictures, amazing scenery, food looks fabulous too. We are impressed with your flying ability and can't believe that your drone and my doctor have the same name....

  2. Brilliant pics.......I'm not surprised you're nostalgic already!