Thursday, 13 April 2017

Farewell to the Barn

Today I am off to the Schwabische Alb.  Yippee!!  The High Country.

And back to work for Bear. Have the couple of weeks he has had off turned him into a Deutsche Lounge Lizard or will he be right into the sheep action?? Either way I will be out there with Georg, dogs and sheep.  

Exciting stuff. Just what I came for.

But I am truly sorry to leave the Barn. I have loved it. So here is a rather self indulgent sentimental send off, for the true GSD/sheep herding fanatics;


  1. Absolutely wonderful, thank you Alexa.

  2. Sensational Alexa! I'm very impressed with your filming and music 🎶
    Have a wonderful Easter 🐣 I imagine there will be lots of chocolate 🍫
    Is there a traditional Germany 🇩🇪 Easter feast?
    Keep the photos coming. Rosie (BBC) xx

  3. lots of change and excitement the drone photos. more drone film clips please.the dream continues.keep well.john