Wednesday, 19 April 2017

"I have Moved" in 3 Acts

Act One


As you can see it was not as simple as when I arrived in Munich where I was picked up in a smart van. Fortunately Margot helped me with her 4WD.

Although I did at first feel a little reluctance to move from Lampertsweiler, the actual move was fun and quite exciting.

I was here in Hausen an der Lauchert last September and I had already seen the apartment and the village. So it was nice to arrive here and recognise my new home and 
  • The day was sunny. 
  • I now have a very large two bedroom apartment that is one floor of a family house. 
  • I am in the mountains and love them
  • Georg will bring the sheep up within a week.

*****no photos as I thought I would take the drone out and do a mighty job

Act Two

Settling in:

The weather loses its lustre and becomes wet and misty and there is talk of snow. But that is Ok. The long walks, even in the rain, are great and I travel back to Brauenweiler a couple of times over Easter.
And we start some training in the Barn. 
First we work outside around the pen sending Bear around on command. There are no sheep so he can focus on the command. Theoretically you should be able to send the dog in a direction and he follows it until directed otherwise. Unlike the British method we do not have a word for the actual direction. We actually signal the direction and the dog follows it in a straight line. 
Then we go into(!) the Barn and Bear has to stay up close and personal with sheep running past him and lambs acting crazy. 
This is a big ask for Bear. He has to stand next to me and ignore the chaos around him.
It took a while for him to settle into the task but we finished off in a tight pen with lambs. Not too bad for him.


****no photos as we were all working. Next time I thought.

Act Three

Nature steps in:    
It Snows!
I look out of my apartment window

I am even stranded for a few days as poor Kermit does not have the correct footwear.

But Bear is having a fat time. He loves the cold weather.

And Richie? Well he went out with great enthusiasm on the first morning but was grounded by air traffic control. Weather conditions worsened as he waited for take off!


  1. yes.bear in the snow is the true star of the show.wonderful change of location and scenery.i am still appreciating your blog.john

  2. Took me a moment to think what you meant by "the British method"!! I'm guessing it's a reference to the way that 'gathering dogs' are worked and sent left and right (away to me and come by)? Another fab blog Alexa, thank you. Pat

  3. Still on L plates posting comments