Wednesday, 30 August 2017

NEWSFLASH! Australian GSD gains his HGH title

Today I am over the moon. 

This morning my boy Bear went for his Prufungsstufe: HGH.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany insists that their breeding dogs have a working title - as part of demonstrating character. They accept either a herding title (HGH) or a Schutzhund title, which must include Tracking and Obedience.

Just before I headed off to Berlin (18/7) it was suggested that Bear should go for the HGH. After all, Georg and Susanna said, it was where all the work we were doing should lead.

So all of August we have had this in mind. 

But Georg has had to keep working and feeding his sheep as he would usually. He has not been able to set up special training facilities for Bear!!

But today, Bear's real and natural talent, his willingness to work and his acceptance of command shone through.

He received a grade of VORZUGLICH (EXCELLENT) 91 points.

The judge was Herr Manfred Voigt, a judge of great experience and talent (a shepherd himself and the Chief Judge).

The judge came to Magerkingen and all of Georg's sheep were used - so a second dog was needed. The wonderful Dana was Bear's helper.

Extract from email I sent the GSDCV

Naturally I am immensely proud of my dog and the way he has represented the GSD in Australia.

I would like it noted that I thank

Captain Max von Stephanitz for creating such a magnificent dog.
Each and every breeder in Bear's Pedigree for contributing to the attributes of the dog I have today.
And most of all Herr Georg Krieg MeisterSchafer whose superb dog and sheep skills have lead to such a growth and development of skills in my dog. It is because of him that I am able to bathe in the reflected glory of Bear's achievement today. He has given Bear the opportunity of a GSD lifetime and he has given me the GSD/herding thrill of a lifetime.

I also thank the judge Herr Manfred Voigt for his time and effort. I thank him for his professionalism and experience that makes the grading today a wonderful achievement.


  1. Many, many congratulations Alexa. A wonderful result, congratulations Georg, everyone involved in making the Prufung possible and of course well done Bear. This is fantastic news. I hope you all enjoy celebrations. Well deserved.

  2. What great joy.Indeed a dream.John

  3. Congratulations! Manfred is very nice. He judged the first HGH trial in the US. He was very complmentary of my two dogs, Luther and Jazz. We had watched him trial in Germany, and I was very impressed with his quiet handling of the sheep and his dogs.

  4. Wow!! FANTASTIC work Bear! not just a pretty face ;-)

  5. Congratulations and well done Bear! Superstar!