Friday, 1 September 2017

Interview with Australia's Ch Followtrek USS Enterprise PT HGH

The Judge Herr Manfred Voigt, the star Bear with Alexa and the MeisterSchafer Herr Georg Krieg

Well Bear, the last time I spoke with you was in March.

I believe you have come a long way since then.
Yes, once we moved to the Schwabische Alb I have faced many interesting challenges. It has been a tremendously exciting time.

What have you found the most challenging?
To be honest, the language. Some of my great, great grandparents came from Germany but we have not kept up the German language. So I have had some difficulty understanding Herr Krieg, especially when he slips into Schwabische.

How about the work itself.
That is not a problem. Shepherding is in my DNA you know. 
I get it👍👍 I just had to work out the "Herr Krieg Way".

So you have enjoyed working here in Germany?
Absolutely. It is the best. I love it.  
I love to work with Dana and Yukon.
Phoebe is a doll.  
X and Zambo are OK. 
Zora is just a b....... But I like her just the same 😇  
And although the sheep sometimes annoy me that's not a problem. I can handle them. The lambs are a different matter. They are just plain disrespectful. I do not understand why Herr Krieg does not allow me to go after them. Have you seen Kamikaze Lamb (28/8)?

Not yet
Have a look at it. Its just what I'm talking about.

So now we come to your achievement today. A superb result of an  VORZUGLICH (EXCELLENT) grading with a score of 91 points.
And no one told me that it was a Test - with a top judge. I walked into it blind. Not that it makes such a difference to me. Herding is herding. Sheep are sheep.

Well, I congratulate you. You come from a country that does not have this style of herding. Congratulations.
Thank you.

Thank you. It is always enjoyable to speak with you. And our readers are always most interested in your experiences here.
My pleasure. Until the next time...👋


  1. Very eloquent, Bear.You certainly come across as very cool.John

  2. And now it is time to reflect with a good cup of tea 😃😃