Saturday, 30 September 2017

Guest Contributor 4

Below is my English friend Pat. Pat and I first met at the national German GSD herding competition, the Bundesleistungshuten, in 2010. We bonded over our love of GSDs and the German style of herding.
So far we have always met in Germany at the BLH but this year Pat was able to come and visit. And talk with me about dogs and sheep. Bliss.

Pat stayed a week with me. Coming out to the sheep each day, speaking to Georg (in German) and spending the weekend once again at the BLH before heading back to her own dogs and sheep.

.........Standing at the edge of the Graze (grazing area) I feel as if I am accompanied by shepherd dogs past and present.

These beautiful old mountains evoke nostalgic thoughts, stories and memories of Shepherds and flocks and dogs that have gone before.

The attentive watchfulness of the Schafer and Hunde is constant.

Everything beats to the sound of grazing sheep as they move end to end (of the Graze) and back again.

This is work, natural and efficient. The clearance of undergrowth and grass, stubble and brush is sensitive to the care of the land, flora and fauna.

The paths beaten by the dogs at the edge of the flock are directed and defined by the Shepherd and found by the dogs. Every paw placed has a purpose.

Thank you Alexa. Thank you MeisterSchafer Krieg.

It has been wonderful to be part of Bear's great adventure and to see first hand his super work at the flock.

Bear, Yukon, Zambo, Zora and Dana look on as X works

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