Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Deutsche Delights

The big ticket item of this trip is (quite clearly) the sheep and the herding. But along the way there are lovely subtle delights. Some of which I have spoken about already.

But I thought it was time to mention a couple more. For some reason they tickle my fancy and make my mood light and easy.


The Magerkingen Pyramid

An excellent example of German Engineering.

It is very important to note that the centre of the pyramid is filled with wood. WHY? Because this is a Bonfire. YES.

And as a great lover of bonfires this delights me no end. 

It was built to celebrate the Summer Solstice. I was amazed when I heard this. I had witnessed the winter bonfires to see off the cold icy winter spirit (The First Steps 9 March). But a Summer bonfire? That appeals. So foreign to an Australian girl, who is forbidden all outdoor fires every summer.

I was so looking forward to it. But it was called off, due to poor weather conditions (the wind!!). 

The ingen still had its celebration and I foolishly did not attend. I wanted the bonfire, not the beer and wurst. Foolish child.

Sadly it now has a safety fence around it. But it is holding up well. Certainly as well as any pyramid should. So I do not know if they will find an excuse or wait till the end of winter. Or even perhaps next summer.


The Weather Report.

Well this too is great fun. 

I am posting one example but believe me there are many. We have certainly had our hot days but the mountains have weekly (almost) rain and cold weather. Having done a fair amount of bushwalking in the Tasmanian mountains I should be more alert but I always get caught out by the first cold day. I never accept that it will be that cold. 

mid Summer
mid Winter



We are surrounded by the forests. Man has over the centuries created fields but the forest retaliates and makes sure that it too invades our lives. Wood is everywhere. I love that it can be right in front of you and that it is safe from petty theft or vandalism. Such a lovely feeling in the community.


Domestic Art

As a person who loves trompe l'oeuil these are a whimsy with which I totally sympathise.  

As you can see a variation of styles is permitted, although 'pastoral' dominates. I did, in my travels, see a group of balloons floating around a corner. That created a happy mood.



As I go about there are many examples of the old folklore being incorporated into our lives. 

There is a lovely worn old stone example up a steep hill, alongside a windy road which I pass a couple of times a week. Unfortunately the road is narrow, has a steep drop and curves frequently. So I am unable to stop and photograph it.

But this fellow is just outside my bedroom window and is part of the entrance/exit to my apartment.

My bedroom is <<<<<<<to the left


The Daytime Sky

 While the night sky here is reasonable - when there is no cloud cover - and the moon is always a wonderful sight it is nowhere, nowhere as beautiful as the night sky at Nambrok my family farm in Australia.

Besides the fact that I believe the southern sky is better than the northern, for some reason the stars hang low over Nambrok and I swear that it is almost possible to reach up and touch them. 

And up on a ridge, our daytime skies are fabulous too. The sunsets are particularly superb. 

Here, the sunsets are blocked by the mountains but I still take pleasure during the day to watch the ever changing cloud formations and be amazed by the intensity of the blue sky.

Unlike the stars, the clouds are up close and personal here in the mountains. They are always rolling about. No wonder that we get the rain. Those clouds have to do something!


  1. Entrancing. I too have been eyeing your weather report. I fear my thoughts of European August / September temperatures are governed by my experiences south of the Alps. I believe I haven't properly allowed for Schwabian climate in my packing. Shocking, but i might need to go shopping in London before gitti g Teutonic climes.

  2. Yes Miriam, that's the word--entrancing.Lots of topics covered.Thanks.More drone work please.I know I nag you.John

  3. And now we want to see pictures of the skies over Nambrok please!