Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Big August Ahead

Since we returned from Berlin things have heated up. August is a big month for Bear.

Bear is being "fine tuned"!! Like the fine machine he is!!!

Georg has mostly taken over managing him and I am more on the sidelines. So, many of the skills that he had started to learn he is now expected to perform at a high level. My expectation is that the Bear man will rise to the task. Fingers crossed xxxxx

So here are three videos.

The first video shows the first time Bear was taken way from me to work. He did come up the mountain a couple of times to check on me so we realise it is now best if I am somewhere closer on the sidelines. But we have to watch that Bear does not use coming to me as an excuse to get away from pressure. He is a devil - he likes to work for himself. I can see he has a picture of how things should be in his own mind and he would prefer it if we let him get on with his job!!!

The second video shows an exit from the pen. I show it because it shows Bear now relaxed with what has been his most problematic learning. Watch Bear and see the head, ears pricked, come up. He is watching for Georg's signal. Sheep are not the big issue any more. The confusion at the end of this video was not totally his fault. A couple of sheep and new lambs stayed behind. 

And I throw in a short video of Bear, of his own accord, moving in close proximity past the sheep. Remember the barn? The sheep are all grouped together taking a short break in the afternoon heat. (But again, he is looking for something to do. "Just checking")


  1. Alexa, great to see Bear working so well. Loking forward to see him doing the same back in Australia. He seems to have taken to it like a duck to water. Trust you are both fit and well.

    Regards Reg and Wendy

  2. Ahhhh Alexa, you must be on 'cloud nine'. What wonderful work and what an absolutely brilliant experience for you both. The videos are excellent snapshots of real work, thank you so much for sharing them with us all. I am envious about Georg's fantastic flock.....oh to have that many sheep to work with, wonderful. Wishing you and Bear and Georg great success for the rest of this momentus August.

  3. Loved "....going through the crowd. " John