Friday, 2 June 2017

Working in the Mountains 2

We have just had a string of lovely, very warm days and the country I am working in is looking lovely.
I am much more familiar with the "office". I can find my way around reasonably well and I am developing a clearer picture of the Shepherd's work life.
It is so different to my experiences in Australia. I find it fascinating to reflect on the influence of the landscape and the past social histories of this part of the world that has lead to this style of stock management.

And Bear too is thriving. He has "got it". He no longer worries about all the different sheep cafes. He is now looking for permission to go and get the sheep out of the woods and bushes (Dana's job). And he can handle my sometimes weird and wonderful instructions. Although I have to admit that if he is in the middle of something he thinks is important he does not appreciate being asked (told) to go and do something else!! 

The thing he does have trouble with is the sheep moving away from him (see further below). Herr Control Freak does not like to stand by. But that, I am sure, will come. 

So, here is a snapshot of the last couple of weeks.

Yep. This is where the snow shots of Bear were taken.(Working in the Mountains 8/5) A few warm days and I have almost forgotten the bitter cold.

"Now, here is a dirty trick to play on a fellow. They go on the road and I have to go off it??"

"Order restored. Or partly. At least I get some of the road back."

This was a magic day. Our first real hot, not overcast day. A lovely spot. Bear worked well. We all had fun. Dana is Bear's companion.

"I can do this. Do not know why though!"

"This I hate. I do not want to do it. It upsets me."
As you can see in the middle photo, as the sheep move and are closer Bear becomes distressed. He is desperate to move and get away to the front. He finds this very difficult. 

And saving the best till last;

Zora (who earlier had given Bear a Serve) is standing, Dana is resting and Yukon is unseen the other side of Georg


  1. Alexa such beautiful countryside it must be hard for you to resist the urge to wander so I can understand how hard it is for Bear. He looks as though he is enjoying himself as do you. Keep up the good work. Love Reg & Wendy

  2. Bear is looking great! Look how well he is holding his border when the sheep are very close. He is just going by, like he is supposed to. Good boy! Beautiful area, nice grass