Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Fishy Story

This Post is for my Melbourne friends who torture me with photos of food and wine. In particular the photos sent from Tipo 00 that gave me my only bout of homesickness. How I would have loved to be with them.
I enjoy the food here and am fascinated by the Schwabische cuisine but I do miss Melbourne restaurants. Especially when something like this is sent.

I adore green food and risotto is always a favoutite,
  the flavours usually being so intense
They have a brilliant wine list.

However, Hausen, yes Hausen, has a culinary delight to match any. A smoked trout, straight out of the Lauchert, and sold on site once a month. If I could organise myself to buy a great wine here it would be a worthy accompaniment on the balcony.

I will not give you a plated photo. I cannot match what I have received and would do the trout a disservice. But enjoy scenes of it birthplace. Both literally and culinary wise.


  1. First place we visit when you return Alexa ... tipo 00
    I'm really enjoying your blog and I'm very impressed with your photos ... keep them coming. Rosie Xx

  2. Now that IS a glorious set of photos. Mr G will turn green with envy. If you stock up on smoked trout for early September, I'll go wine shopping.