Saturday, 17 June 2017

Bear's Idea of a Good Time

I was going through some photos and Bear came up to look. It was soon clear by the tone of his snorts that we had a different view of what is "newsworthy"!

So to placate his sensibilities I came up with this video of what he thinks is worth doing.....
Sorry about the music being so loud. Just pour yourselves a stein of beer and imagine you are at the Oktoberfest. That is the source of the music! One of the hazards of using disparate sources of free editing is that fixing a problem is too much of a pain in the neck. Sorry again.


  1. You're looking good,Bear.from John

    1. Dear John
      Thank you for your kind comment. I have not slimmed up as Alexa has, but I did not need to.However, I have certainly muscled up and I am very disappointed that Martin is not returning. I was looking forward to a mountain challenge.
      All the best

  2. You must be so proud of Bear! He looks like he's fast becoming an expert!

  3. Alexa, we think they were all newsworthy. Bear is looking so professional and really comfortable now with his work. Weather is looking good too.

  4. Good boy Bear! So nice to see you smiling and working joyfully!

  5. Bear, I smiled the whole time I watched that video .. I'm impressed with how far you've come .. you look like you're having an amazing time. Rosie xx

  6. I love this video!! Bear looks in his element over in Germany, his "motherland."
    Excited to cross paths Aunty.
    Love from your goddaughter :)