Sunday, 28 May 2017

Into the Woods

The sun has come. At least for the moment. 
I have been told it will remain changeable weather. But the cold has gone. We may have wet and cloudy weather at times. But at last summer is pushing itself into the picture.

And you can see it in the countryside. The meadows have flowers. 
And all the deciduous trees are now in leaf.

I thought I would share with you a view of the woods around me:

The Light and the Dark of the Forest

The Bright Flash of Colour in the Meadows

And then we have the Songs of the Birds


  1. yes.i got my drone production.slow motion,full orchestra,choir of birds,swaying of trees,great angles,graphics,etc,etc.brilliant.thanks,john

  2. Huge congrats Alexa......feeling your excitement about Bear's progress.

  3. Beautiful area! Loved the birds singing. I'm now not only jealous of your fabulous experience, now I'm jealous of your drone!!