Saturday, 20 May 2017

Bear's Second Report Card

This is a Boast Blog.

Bear is on the move

It is coming together. He still has a lot to learn. Nothing is perfect and he still makes mistakes. You cannot go to the pub for lunch and leave Bear in charge yet! But he understands, feels comfortable and wants to do the work.
And he is becoming less stressed about sheep things (look at video Noisy Sheep; this is what they do to him for no good reason!) He is getting the idea about what to let go to the keeper. As Susan Sullivan (USA) said in a Comment, it is wonderful what regular exposure does for a dog. In good hands he settles and does the job. 
IF we continue on as we are now going Bear might end up as a useful member of the team yet. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌  (But I think Dana may have a say in that.)

What delights me most is that the sheep have not been in the mountains for a full month. And it really has been a huge learning curve for him. So I believe and hope that from now on Bear can relax into consolidating his new skills.

May 2

May 3

May 5

May 11

May 13

May 17

Whenever he can !

*******no apologies for the blatant self congratulation!! or for the excessive media content!! 
With animals you take your successes as you have them. Who knows what Bear will do to me in the future!!!


  1. This is excellent work! Just think of all the hours he is getting. Love all the pictures and media!

  2. great detail about herding by bear. oh, yes, and you, alexa,as his support act.i have no superlatives left for photos. they are that good.more drone videos, please. john

  3. Bear is looking more and more comfortable in his new role and so is his Mum. Great pics and videos and Dickie is going great guns. Love it all.

  4. Really enjoying your blog Alexa! You and Bear are going great! Glad it is you tackling the "hills" :-)