Tuesday, 10 October 2017

September Swangsong

September has been my last month in Germany. And what a bitter sweet time it has been.

On the one hand I can celebrate all I have experienced and learnt with friends who have visited. On the other hand I have to say good bye to a life that I have loved and say farewell to people that I have loved sharing my great adventure with.

Nonetheless, I have to close this chapter of my life. And I have to begin a new one with sheep and dogs in Australia.

I hope that you have enjoyed my blog. And I sincerely hope that you have learnt to appreciate the sheep and the dogs and the way of life of the traditional German shepherd.

I am currently fondly reviewing photos and videos. Here are some of the recent ones.

This should have been in an earlier blog

This is from one of Richie's last flights

The car pass to end all car passes

At the Bundesleistungshuten - the German National German Shepherd Dog Herding Competition

Our final dinner before I left

The Bear man's last day with his flock......he is now safe at home waiting for me to arrive back in a couple of days.


  1. Brilliant. End to end. Thank you so much for this fabulous blog.

  2. I have so enjoyed your blog Alexa ... such an amazing experience for you and Bear ... look forward to seeing you soon. Rosie Xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures loved your Blog. See you soon

  4. what great adventures you have had! wish we had had more time in St Louis to talk. I have so many questions. I'm glad you and Bearvare safely home!