Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Guest Contributor 5

Let me introduce you to my final Guest Contributor, my Australian friend Karen.
Karen's claim to fame is that she is the owner of Kyra, the mother of Bear. Like me, and also Pat, Karen is a GSD owner of many years who has become addicted the thrills and spills(!) of traditional herding with our dogs.

What experience did I take away from Germany...

Well I would have to say the 3 main things that sticks out in my mind are...

1. How warm and welcoming the people are...
2. How wonderful the food is....
3. I CAN NOT over state how Obedient the dogs are....

I personally want to thank Alexa making this trip possible. Not only going the extra miles in driving me around (Kermit rules), to the beautiful apartment I stayed in but also introducing me to such a wonderful experience, introducing me to Georg and his lovely family and friends.

Just saying "Thank You" to Georg does not seem enough to cover the gratitude I feel. Also the ability to learn and study Georg's magnificent 8 Dog Team and he's 500 flock of sheep...WOW!!!!
The experience of watching 500 sheep being worked by two and three German Shepherds is a priceless experience. The knowledge and experience passed on to us from Georg will enrich my own training back in Australia.
Also the welcoming kindness from George's family, his beautiful wife Margot and his family Susanne, plus their charming friends.

I also met a lovely lady Pat, who also has German Shepherds, from the UK. We all had a brilliant time for 3 days watching the German Shepherd Sheep Herding Nationals (BLH) and we enjoyed experiencing the German hospitality...all I can say is...2 Australians and a Pom walked into a pub....LOL

I am extremely looking forward to going back to my farm, to begin a new chapter of sheep herding......


  1. Great to see Bear working so well.

  2. Two Aussies and a Pom..... hilarious.

    I echo all of your comments Karen. It was a wonderful experience spending time with you in Germany. Words can't express how generous Alexa has been sharing this fabulous time with us and how wonderfully welcoming and generous everyone in Germany was sharing incredible knowledge and fun with us. Good times.