Saturday, 15 July 2017

A Good Day

All my days are good. But yesterday had a lovely rhythm to it. Bear was on song and worked beautifully, the weather was sunny and mild and I found the environment enchanting (not a herding word!!)

We had been here before but we had not gone further along the track while I was there (Working in the Mountains 2, June 2). Yesterday we went into the dappled forest and it was just lovely.

See how the crop has grown
So pretty


But the best bit was witnessing the extent of Bear's growth in the job.
Bear was sent in to move some sheep back into line with the others. So he had to make his own "line" or "border" to get to them and to return without disturbing the rest of the flock. He is told to "go on" and the rest is his decision making. The magic of the GSD.

As I did not anticipate Georg's instruction it took me a while to get the camera (phone) out and into action. So this video starts as Bear moves the sheep. Look closely centre left!!!!


  1. Well done Bear, beautiful countryside.

  2. Alexa, Bear is looking more and more at home, confident and comfortable. The workplace is wonderful and very enticing. Lucky you and Bear. Reg & Wendy PS Your Bombers are doing quite well too.

  3. How great to see Bear being independent and making those decisions. Great stuff!!
    Love the forest - it looks beautiful and shady. Here at present it'd be muddy, dripping and freezing. Enjoy :)
    Kate D