Sunday, 26 February 2017

Five More Sleeps!

This is soooo exciting. This time next week Bear and I will be in Deutschland (aka Germany).
But first I had to get my house in order, fix a few plumbing faults and tidy up the garden.
Then I had to have a holiday (a pre Holiday). In Aspen USA and a weekend in San Francisco where I rediscovered brilliant Pisco Sours.
In the meantime Bear hung out with Queen Daisy.
Yesterday I started the packing project, ie. chaos followed by eventual order. Charlie the cat ignored it all with disdain.
And in my wardrobe travels I found cowboy boots I bought in Aspen in the 80s. Shall I take them with me??? Or are they only for cows and not sheep?
As well, last night I was telephoned by Susanne in Germany. They have a car for me to buy. As my nephew Martin says " you are halfway between Munich (BMW) and Stuttgart (Mercedes and Porsche) and you get a Daewoo?!"
It is all happening.


  1. A Daewoo? Really😏
    Have a safe flight, and give Bear a scratch for me!

  2. We in germany are excited too. And Yes, you should bring your boots with you to germany. Because our sheeps shall have something to laugh.....
    Greatings from Susan

    1. Susanne
      You are on. Warn Georg😀🇩🇪🐑🐑

  3. I took a Deawoo on a road trip from Northern Colorado to Bloomington/Normal, Illinois and back to breed Peepers. Great little car with wipe off seats and amazing stereo system.
    Anxiously awaiting more installments of your blog.

  4. Great to hear you and Bear have arrived safely Alexa, that's a whole lot of worry for you done and dusted. Now relax and enjoy.